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Sonic Tronics Inc / McDaniel :: * OnBoard Glow Systems :: On Board Glow for a MULTI-CYLINDER ENGINE (3-9 cylinders) :: Mcd477 - 4.8V Pulsed On Board Glow Driver - Seven Cylinders

Mcd477 - 4.8V Pulsed On Board Glow Driver - Seven Cylinders  
Mcd477 - 4.8V Pulsed On Board Glow Driver - Seven Cylinders 
The Driver is controlled by your TX at any time you desire by using an available channel for manual operation, or parallel it with your throttle servo using a "Y" cord for automatic operation at low throttle settings (fully adjustable set point). This unit is set up for a Seven Cylinder Engine.
Custom Modification: We can customize your glow plug leads on your Mcd473 - Mcd479 at no-charge. You can specify wire length up to 72" and we can install your Molex pins for you. Just fill in specs on the order form under "Customer Notes". Custom units must be ordered direct from us and will take extra time for assembly.

PDF Instructions for Mcd471-479 Glow Drivers

SKU 716416247716
Weight 7.50 oz.
Price: $183.95

PlugLock Connector for Glow Plugs
Glow Plug wire Length
Molex Pins

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